Brian Zamora

(b.1975), a 23-year veteran of Gehry Partners, has spent his career bridging both his design and technical skills on a vast range  of  architecture  projects.  He  was  the Senior  Project  Designer  on  the  Lou  Ruvo Cleveland Clinic Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas Nevada; which was completed in 2010. More  recently,  the  Eisenhower  Memorial  in Washington, D.C., was completed in 2020, and currently, he is the Project Architect on an Apartment/Condo  Development  on  Sunset Blvd. at Gehry Partners. Brian has also been a part-time  professor  at  SCI-ARC  from  2014- 2021.


Brians artistic sensibilities sit in the realm of the Light and Space Movement, but he predominately works with objects juxtaposing shadows as the driving medium. Despite being a full-time Senior Associate Architect at Gehry Partners, Zamora has pursued interests in the fine arts world for 15 years, walking a line between design, product, and fine art.   He has deliberately chosen to skip a more traditional approach of working through a progression of galleries, and instead dove in with this self- funded exhibition, in partnership with Blush Studios. His work explores the concept that shadow and light sources do not seem to immediately relate to the objects, creating an illusionary effect that also seems to speak to 60s Op Art. Depending on the series, the work is created in two directions, either through contrived shadows first, and deciphering the forms, or by using simple forms and tricks to create elaborate ephemeral visual effects.





Group Exhibition,  ART*itects Architects who Art!, TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (curated by Jupp Soetebier)



Solo Exhibition, Brian Zamora: New Lighting Devices, Gallery, Los Angeles, CA instagram: @b_c_z