Color Fields LA

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Come experience Color Fields in a new type of exhibition and event space in Los Angeles. This 10,000 square foot exhibition of analogue color theory exploration through light, shape, form, movement, technology, and self will test what you think you may understand about color and combinations.

Step into and take a walk through Color Fields' five detailed exhibit landscapes with some added color and shadow follies, each providing a different analogy of how we see, experience, and translate colors. ☺︎

Glow Field: A photo booth of phosphorescent panels that embeds and transfers your silhouette as a 1-to-1 shadow. Let your eyes adjust and reset in this first personal interaction. Get acquainted with your shadow imprint before moving into the larger Color Field exhibits.

Mobile Field: An object's form and material qualities drastically alter how it is perceived. The mobile field explores movement, light color blends, reflections, transparencies, and shadow. This sculpture field of mobiles and objects is an enlightening interaction of color changing, color blending, and color bending textures and tones.


Color Wheel: In this space, we invite you to get inside the color wheel and test your perceptions of color vibration, tones, and blends with sharp adjacent color alignments. A life-size experiment and play on red, green, and blue light, the basis of all color projection and blending in technology.


Laser Field: This space treats lasers as their own surface by both capturing and reflecting beams and swaths of color, creating an ever-changing, layered, painterly context to experience lasers in an entirely new fashion.

Me Field: Meet your former self on the big screen. This "Hollywood" inspired exhibit allows you to see your former self in a silhouetted noir setting of color and shadow, book ending your first imprint at the Glow Field with the added element of motion and time.